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                       Employee shareholding, a stakeholder in the company’s strategy

     AG2S, a recognized player :

– Since 2014, AG2S has been a member of the FAS (French Federation of Employees and Former Employee                     Shareholder Associations),                                                                                                                                                                  – In 2020 : AG2S obtains 4 positions out of the 10 constituting the Supervisory Board                                                             of the LINK France Fund following your votes,                                                                                                                       – In 2021 : Jacinthe DELAGE, candidate of AG2S and member of the Board of Directors, is elected to the                          Board of Directors of ENGIE. She will represent all employee shareholders (France and International).


    The priority orientations of the Association :

– Work to increase the share of employees’ shareholding in the Group’s capital,

– Contribute to the governance of the Group through the election of Jacinthe DELAGE to the Group’s Board of                 Directors, and through AG2S’ willingness to develop exchanges with the Group’s Management and other                       directors. Thus, AG2S intends to be an interlocutor and a partner of the Group’s Management in the                               communication and implementation of its strategy.


    Shareholding allows the voice of employees to be heard directly. This is an asset in a sector that is     constantly changing and subject to intense competition. This voice will be all the more heard if you join AG2S in order to share your questions, information or testimonies with us.

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                       The AG2S Board

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*The AG2S association is open to holders of shares in the LINK France and LINK International funds as well                 as to holders of registered shares.